It’s the final, pampering step after you bathe. You massage in a rich, creamy moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and flawless. But the next day, after you shower, it’s like you never even put lotion on the day before. Your skin is all itchy, tight and dry.

Sound familiar? What is up with that? It’s super frustrating. You might think, “well maybe it’s the hard water in my city, I just can’t do anything about it”. Or “I just have naturally dry skin, c’est la vie”.  And so you just continue the cycle, applying lotion every day, constantly fighting the battle of dry skin.

Well the more likely reason is one that probably never occurred to you – believe it or not, it’s the lotion that is making you dry!

That perfect, silky texture comes from a common ingredient called dimethicone – a laboratory made, silicone based polymer. That silky feeling is actually a thin layer that sits on top of the skin and provides no deep nourishment. In fact, it can lead to worse skin over time, and what we like to call “lotion addiction”.  (Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you love a product so much it’s addictive!  This isn’t what we are talking about.)

This ingredient is literally everywhere in skin care – from cheap drugstore brands, all the way up to high end luxury brands.  And sadly, even “green” brands are guilty of using this ingredient.  Read the ingredients on your products you have right now – I promise you’ll find it, in your body lotions, face creams, and more!  For example check out these well known body lotions, from highly respected brands:

But doesn’t a barrier like this actually protect your skin?  It may provide some protection, but at a very high cost:

  • The plastic-like barrier effectively seals in everything – like bacteria, oils, and impurities.  Which can actually lead to breakouts and blackheads.
  • It prevents the skin from all of the things it is meant to do – sweating, regulating the body’s temperature, sloughing off dead skin cells, etc.  Basically the skin can’t “breathe”.
  • What protection it may provide, washes off easily (it doesn’t help boost the skin’s natural ability to protect itself – which can’t be washed off)
  • It’s an artificial ingredient which can be a potential irritant. (and being synthetic, it’s also non-biodegradable)
  • You create a dependency on this coating, which disrupts the skin’s own ability to hydrate itself.  This is lotion addiction, and actually leads to more dryness, which makes wrinkles and fine lines more visible. (Not to mention going through lotion like it’s going out of style)

Not to worry!  Nature provides plenty of fantastic ingredients to help make your skin soft, silky smooth, and most importantly, healthy.  You don’t need to resort to lab-grown chemical ingredients to have fantastic skin.

And of course, at BioSphère Naturel we never use ingredients like this!

Be good in your skin and make the change today.  For starters, check out our Délice Organic Triple-Action Body Lotion for just $27.  I guarantee you’ll love the results.  (and if for some reason you don’t, we have a 100% No-BS money back guarantee).

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Good in Your Skin.