It’s the final, pampering step after you bathe. You massage in a rich, creamy moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and flawless. But what you might not know is where that perfect, silky texture comes from. That’s due to the common ingredient dimethicone, a laboratory-made, silicone based polymer. That silky feeling is actually a thin layer that sits on top of the skin and provides no deep nourishment. In fact, it can lead to worse skin over time, and so-called “lotion addiction”. Ingredients such as dimethicone create an inorganic barrier on your skin. This can trap toxins and reduce your skin’s ability to breathe and moisturize itself. Using these products can actually leave your skin drier than before, and it can even cause premature aging!

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But there’s hope – nature provides many rich, emollient ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter that work better than dimethicone. But a good natural body lotion is hard to find. For example, some poorly made formulas are overly oily or thick. They take forever to absorb, leaving you feeling sticky and greasy. Others absorb too quickly, making it hard to smooth on. And all too often, they have an odd, unpleasant scent.

The perfect natural body lotion

Lait Corps Bio
At BioSphère Naturel, we fixed all of these problems with our Délice Lait Corps – a natural body lotion with all of the luxury quality you deserve. Our signature body lotion nourishes your skin inside and out so you feel pampered and sexy every time you put it on. Experience the kind of softness that only comes from a natural formula that works with (not against) your skin.

Organic ingredients such as cocoa butter, aloe vera, and raspberry extract work with your body’s natural processes to enhance your skin’s moisture. Over time, it improves your skin’s natural ability to maintain hydration throughout the day. The lightweight formula absorbs perfectly, leaving you feeling silky and smooth. The delicious raspberry scent is pleasant without the chemical undertones some lotions leave behind.

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