Délice Lait Corps – Organic Body Lotion


Experience the indulgence of Délice Lait Corps – a daily moisturizing body lotion that does more, naturally.

Treat your body to the best morning ritual. This highly moisturizing formula absorbs easily, providing light yet long-lasting moisture. Softening effects work throughout the day, making Délice the right choice for daily wear. Delight in the soft raspberry scent as you massage this silky textured, all natural formula into your skin.

  • Organic oils nourish and soften the whole body
  • Organic Cocoa butter provides lasting, deep moisture
  • Organic Aloe vera moisturizes and soothes
  • Organic Raspberry extract protects the skin naturally to improve hydration

Backed by the BioSphère Naturel 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee

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