The Ugly Truth About Most Anti-Aging Products

Argan oil, rose water, neroli, shea butter, vitamin E – chances are, your anti-age or night cream has at least one of these ingredients. Most mainstream brands are well aware of the trend towards organic, natural compounds for their amazing health benefits and great results. You’ll find a lot of brands promoting ingredients like Argan oil or green tea, but if you look beyond the clever packaging, you’ll discover a host of chemical components that cancel out the health benefits. You may even realize there aren’t enough of the key natural ingredients to even make a difference!

Anti-aging creams in particular contain a laundry list of chemical ingredients. These products are considered safe under industry guidelines, but may have serious consequences. At best, the wrong anti-aging product won’t work. At worst, it could cause serious health concerns for your skin and internal organs.

But a good natural anti-aging cream is hard to find. For example, some poorly made formulas are overly oily or thick. They take forever to absorb, leaving you feeling sticky and greasy. Others absorb too quickly, making it hard to smooth on. Often they also have a grainy texture, or an unpleasant scent.

Introducing the only natural anti-age cream you will ever need

Creme Anti Age Bio

At BioSphère Naturel, we fixed all of these problems with our Jeunesse Crème Anti-Âge a natural anti-aging cream with all of the luxury quality you deserve. Crafted in France, our subtle rose-scented cream works with your skin to regenerate cells and moisturize naturally. Ingredients such as rose water, argan oil, neroli from the bitter orange tree, plankton extract, and shea butter protect, moisturize, and restore skin to its natural youthfulness.

When you put on your Jeunesse Crème Anti-Âge in the evening, you’ll feel the difference the high-quality ingredients offer. The silky, rich consistency glides onto your skin, infusing moisture and working with your skin to deliver nourishment overnight. Over time, this all-in-one treatment will diminish lines and wrinkles and help your skin rebuild its natural protective barriers.

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