Have you switched to an all-natural day cream, but miss the silky, light texture of your old mainstream brand? Maybe you’ve switched to a natural store bought brand, or maybe you are making your own at home. But if you’re like we were, you likely have some complaints. Does your makeup slide off your face halfway through the day, because the natural lotion didn’t absorb fully? Or perhaps your lotion leaves behind an unpleasant odor?

Your day cream should feel luxurious when you put it on, but it should also absorb easily and leave your skin feeling better than ever before – without having to resort to products with chemical ingredients. That is why we created our natural day cream, Lumière Crème Jour.

Natural Luxury That Delivers

Creme Jour Bio

Lumière Crème Jour is a lightweight formulation perfect for every day. With this silky and lightly scented cream, you will never experience the heaviness of other moisturizers that sit on top of the skin or the greasiness that ruins makeup after a few hours of wear. This all-natural, high-end day cream was designed with French expertise to deliver incredible skincare results over time.

Our company has a strong commitment to natural, identifiable ingredients. You can trust that this mixture will work with your body, not against it. Ingredients such as water lily extract tighten pores while bamboo extract detoxifies and rice powder rids your skin of shine. Under your makeup, this cream does triple duty!

Lumière Crème Jour offers complexion-improving ingredients with none of the unpronounceable and possibly harmful ingredients mainstream brands use. Check out our ingredient lists and our brand story, and you’ll see that we provide our customers with the very best hand-picked ingredients and custom-developed products.

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