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Healthy Skin: 3 Reasons Your Skin Care Routine is Working Against You

Its the never ending quest for young, healthy skin. We buy all sorts of products with new and advanced ingredients. Then we put it all over our bodies to keep our skin soft and supple (and put off aging as long as possible). If the bottle says it’s hypoallergenic or dermatologist tested, its good for […]

The Surprising Side Effect of Most Body Lotions

It’s the final, pampering step after you bathe. You massage in a rich, creamy moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and flawless. But what you might not know is where that perfect, silky texture comes from. That’s due to the common ingredient dimethicone, a laboratory-made, silicone based polymer. That silky feeling is actually a […]

Get rid of this common natural skin care problem, once and for all

Have you switched to an all-natural day cream, but miss the silky, light texture of your old mainstream brand? Maybe you’ve switched to a natural store bought brand, or maybe you are making your own at home. But if you’re like we were, you likely have some complaints. Does your makeup slide off your face […]

Introducing the only natural anti-age cream you will ever need

The Ugly Truth About Most Anti-Aging Products Argan oil, rose water, neroli, shea butter, vitamin E – chances are, your anti-age or night cream has at least one of these ingredients. Most mainstream brands are well aware of the trend towards organic, natural compounds for their amazing health benefits and great results. You’ll find a […]