I created BioSphère Naturel because I was fed up.

A few years ago (when I was in my mid-30s), I went through a very serious health crisis. I’ve been battling Crohn’s disease since I was 19, and I had already had 2 surgeries. But I had continued to eat poorly (think processed foods, artificial additives, etc) and lead a generally unhealthy life. Finally after so many years of that, my body finally told me “enough!” and I was back in the hospital for a 3rd surgery. I really went through the wringer this time (3 months to recover), and I very nearly died. It was time for a change, big time. Time to get real.

After so many years of bad health, I was completely fed up with medicine and chemicals. Thankfully, my husband introduced me to natural remedies – and with his endless support and guidance, I overhauled my diet, got rid of all the chemicals, and finally started living well.

Soon after I changed my diet, I started educating myself about skin care. I saw that all of my beloved, luxurious skincare products were full of harmful chemicals, and I realized that if I wanted to be healthy for real, I’d have find alternatives.

I started making my own skincare products at home. And I saw how well natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera work on their own, when they aren’t buried in a formula of artificial additives.

But to be honest, I’m not a hippie. I’m a bit of a princess and I really missed the luxury experience of my old brands. I missed the silky feel, the softness on my skin, and the lovely scents that lingered after I applied them. I hated being sticky and greasy after applying my homemade formulas. So then I tried mainstream natural brands, and found that they were greasy and sticky too! And they often smelled weird. And some of them still had nasty ingredients in them!

I was fed up. I was sick of the BS coming from large corporate brands. I missed my luxury. I didn’t want to compromise.

My husband is French and we eventually moved to France. It really opened my eyes – I saw how traditional French culture infuses luxury and beauty into everything they do while remaining close to nature. In the French countryside, people support their local artisans and farmers, and they never tolerate low quality. They are bold – they never hesitate to demand the best.

That’s what inspired me to team up with my French family to create the Biosphère Naturel brand: a remarkable balance between high end luxury and natural quality. Biosphère Naturel captures the same level of luxury you’d find at a spa, but with the wholesomeness that comes with natural, healthy ingredients. We are committed to a high, no bullshit (No BS!) standard.

Be Bold

We believe you should never sacrifice luxury in the quest for your well-being. That’s why we offer healthy, natural, luxury products made for your body and your soul. Our products raise your consciousness by helping you feel stunning and strong.

Be Beautiful

We make each Biosphère Naturel product with the finest natural and organic ingredients. Our mission is to provide the most luxurious, natural products on the market. Our skincare line helps you feel vibrant, healthy, and beautiful on the outside while increasing your confidence on the inside.

Be Good in Your Skin

With Biosphère Naturel, you can have health, beauty, and luxury in one package. We’re dedicated to helping you enjoy a newfound vitality and live a healthy lifestyle.

co-founder, BioSphère Naturel